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Kayakri.com is the best place to find kayaking tips, guides, and product reviews, as well as find awesome locations to kayak and receive exclusive discounts and offers on kayaking gear.

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Shay Gordon
30 Years Kayaking Experience

About the author.

Welcome to my blog; Kayakri.

I'm Shay Gordon, a kayaking enthusiast who picked up the sport as a child, when my father bought me my first kayak. Ever since I've had a love for the water and now teach everything I've learned about kayaking to my friends, family, and of course you!
Enjoy the blog, maybe you'll learn something you can take back into the water!

"If there is one thing Shay knows well, it's kayaks!
 I recently picked up a great sit-on-top kayak via Shay's  recommendation and am super excited to begin my  kayaking journey!"

Kerry-Ann Smith
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"Kayakri.com is my favorite kayaking blog by far!
 Non-biased reviews of the best kayaks and kayaking gear on the market, not  not to mention their guides are gold!”

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